What is 8/18 Divided by 6/10?

Accepted Solution


To unpack the problem, each part is critical. We have the first fraction, the dividend, which can be segregated into its numerator, 8, and its denominator, 18. Also, we have the second fraction, the divisor, which can be divided into its numerator, 6, and its denominator, 10. Hence to find 8/18 divided by 6/10, we must work through the problem methodically and find the answer in both fraction and decimal forms.

Using LaTeX form, the problem setup is $\frac{8}{18} Γ· \frac{6}{10}$. The first step is multiplication. Multiply the numerator of the dividend, 8, by the denominator of the divisor, 10, it yields 80 which becomes the numerator of the answer.

Secondly, multiply the denominator of the dividend, 18, by the numerator of the divisor, 6, it yields 108, the denominator of the answer. Combine them into one fraction to get $\frac{80}{108}$. After simplification, the fraction becomes $\frac{20}{27}$.

For the decimal form, continue to divide the numerator of the answer, 80, by the denominator, 108 to get 0.741 approximately. To summarise, 8/18 divided by 6/10 equals to 0.741 in decimal form and 20/27 in fractional form.

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