What is 8/16 Divided by 17/19?

Accepted Solution

    <title>Fraction Division Calculation Explained</title>
        <p>In this tutorial, we will learn how to divide one fraction by another. Let's use 8/16 divided by 17/19 as an example.</p>
        <p>Firstly we need to identify the parts of these fractions. Numerator of the first fraction, or dividend, is 8 and its denominator is 16. Numerator of the second fraction, or divisor, is 17 and its denominator is 19.</p>
        <p>Here is a step by step solution of the given problem:</p>
        <p>Step 1: Multiply the numerator of the dividend (8) by the denominator of the divisor (19), which gives 152.</p>
        <p>Step 2: Multiply the denominator of the dividend (16) by the numerator of the divisor (17), it resulted in 272.</p>
        <p>Step 3: Create a fraction with the obtained results, <$/p>
        <div> \\(\\frac{152}{272}= \\frac{19}{34}\\) in lowest form.</div>
        <p>To convert this into decimal form, divide the numerator by the denominator</p>
        <div> \\(\\frac{152}{272}\\approx 0.559\\). </div>
        <p> Therefore, the solution in decimal form is approximately 0.559, and in fractional form, it is 19/34.</p>
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