What is 7/4 Divided by 78?

Accepted Solution


In solving the problem of "What is 7/4 Divided by 78?" here are the key steps:

Step 1: Identify the elements

We start by identifying the necessary pieces: The fraction (or the dividend) - 7/4, and 78 which is the whole number or divisor.

Step 2: Set up the problem

That makes the problem look something like this: \( \frac{7}{4} \div 78 \).

Step 3: Multiply the whole number by the denominator

We take the whole number, 78, and multiply by the 4 (the denominator): \(4 \times 78 = 312\).

Step 4: Display the result in fraction

The result of this multiplication, 312, becomes the denominator of the fraction. So the final fraction is \(\frac{7}{312}\).

Step 5: Change the fraction to decimal

When converted to decimal form, the fraction gives 0.0224, after rounding to four decimal places.

So, 7 divided by 4/78 is 0.0224 in decimal or 7/312 in fraction.

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