14 Divided by What Equals 11?

Accepted Solution


In numerical computations, one often encounters situations like 14 Divided by What Equals 11? Let's comprehend how to solve this problem using basic arithmetic operations and algebraic methodologies. The "what" in the equation suggests that we're dealing with an unknown parameter or a variable. In mathematics, variables are usually denoted by the letter "x".

The original equation is: \[ \frac{14}{x} = 11 \]. In order to solve for x, we need to rearrange the equation such that x is all alone on one side. This could be done by multiplying both sides of the equation by x, which gives \[ 14 = 11*x \].

Subsequently, to isolate x on the right side, we divide both sides by 11, leading to \[ \frac{14}{11} = x \]. Simplifying the result will yield the value of x, which in this case is approximately 1.273 (rounded to three decimal places).

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