What is the domain of the function graphed below?

Accepted Solution

Answer:(-2, 4) U [7, ∞)Step-by-step explanation:The domain of a function is the set of inputs at which the functions is defined. Usually determined by the x-values. In this problem we have the graph of a function. At x = -2 the function is not defined, we can see this by taking a look at the opened circle at this value in the graph. Then the function takes values until x = 4. Notice that at x = 0 the function is defined. At x = 0 to left the function takes the value y = 0 and at x = 0 to the right the function takes the value y = -1. Then the function takes value at x = 7  (including this value because of the closed circle in the graph) and beyond. Therefore, the correct answer is:(-2, 4) U [7, ∞)