Maria made six batches of cookies. Her friends asked him to make an extra batch. He used 4 3/4 cups of sugars and needs another 5/8 cups for the extra batch. How many cups of sugar will Maria use altogether.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Cups of sugar Maria use altogether = [tex]\frac{43}{8}[/tex]=[tex]5\frac{3}{8}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:For six batch of cookies Maria use = [tex]4\frac{3}{4}[/tex]=[tex]\frac{19}{4}[/tex]For extra batch of cookies sugar used = [tex]\frac{5}{8}[/tex]Now we have to calculate total number of cups used by Maria.For this we will add both the fraction.[tex]=[/tex] [tex]\frac{5}{8}[/tex] [tex]+[/tex] [tex]\frac{19}{4}[/tex]We have taken LCM of the denominator [tex](4,8)[/tex] and that is [tex]= (8)[/tex][tex]=[/tex] [tex]\frac{5+38}{8}[/tex][tex]=[/tex] [tex]\frac{43}{8}[/tex][tex]=[/tex] [tex]5\frac{3}{8}[/tex]So our final answer is [tex]=[/tex][tex]\frac{43}{8}[/tex] Or [tex]=[/tex][tex]5\frac{3}{8}[/tex]