joe cut three acres of grass at the smith farm wich is 15% of the property.how many acres are on the smith farm? F. 15 acresG. 20 acres H. 30 acres J. 45 acres

Accepted Solution

To solve this equation we need to set up a proportion. We already know that 3 acres equals 15% of their land so that will be one fraction. The other fraction will be x over 100 because we want to know how much total land (100%) they have. (Ignore percent signs when inputting the numbers into the equations.)
[tex] \frac{3}{15} = \frac{x}{100} [/tex]
Now we need to cross multiply (multiply one diagonal by the diagonal opposite of it). We now have 15x = 300.
[tex]15x = 300[/tex]
Now we need to divide both sides by the number with x, in this case 15. (Ignore putting the variable in the equation during this step)
[tex]15 \div 15[/tex]
[tex]300 \div 15[/tex]
Since 15 divided by 15 equals 1 we now have 1x, which is what we want. 300 divided by 15 equals 20. Since we did the same thing on both sides the equation now looks like this, telling us that x, the total amount of land they have, is 20.
[tex]1x = 20[/tex]