How do I solve this system by graphing y=-5/3x+3 and y=1/3x-3? pretty sure i messed this up

Accepted Solution

You'll need to graph y = (5/3)x + 3 and y = (1/3)x - 3 on the same set of axes.  These two lines will intersect.  From the graph, determine the coordinates of the point of intersection.  The result is the desired solution (x, y).

First of all, are you able to graph these two lines?  Secondly, can you read the coordinates of the point of intersection from the graph?

I urge you to try graphing these lines and determining the point of intersection.

Of course there are other ways in which you could solve this problem (if you were to ignore the requirement that you solve it graphically):  elimination by substitution, elimination by addition or subtraction.