describe in words how the temperature changes with time, where h is hours since midnight. T=50-2h​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:So we know h is hours, what is T?  Obviously temperature.   Let's try plugging in a few values.  at h=0, or  hours since midnight, which is a fancy way of saying midnight, T = 50, so that meeans it starts at 50 degrees.  What about at 1 hour after midnight?  or h=1 (or 1 AM) well, T = 50-2(1) = 48.  so 48 degrees.  You can keep doing this, and what happens?Well T keeps going down by 2 every time h goes up by 1.  Well if T is temperature and h is hours since 12 AM we just replace the words.  Temperature keeps going down by 2 (degrees) every time hours since midnight goes up by 1.  You can probably write that a bit more  well worded, but I wanted to show how you can get the answer from seeing what happens to the variables.  Though let me know if you don't get it.