can someone help please? i'm desperate1. A father and his young toddler are walking along the sidewalk. For every 3 stepsthe father takes, the son takes 5 steps just to keep up. What is the ratio ofthe number of steps the father takes to the number of steps the son takes? Add labels to the columns of the table and place the ratio into the first row ofdata. Add equivalent ratios to build a ratio table.2. What can you say about the values of the ratios in the table?(p.s the image attached is for question 1)

Accepted Solution

Answer: If the toddler is keeping up with the father, then they should be staying EVEN in their distance.  Therefore, in the end, when finished adding the steps in the boxes, the numbers next to each other, for example TODDLER/ DAD, the number(s) side by side when the chart is                     5                3    complete, are the numbers written as, 5:3, or                                                                                                                      10:6, are ratios. Overall, in this ratio, they are equivalent, so they equal every time the numbers are doubled... Step-by-step explanation:In the chart, the toddler will take 5 to the fathers every 3, so in one column write TODDLER, then DAD, in the other then the appropriate number of steps under each, except after writing 5 steps, again, write 5x2, (doubling the number of steps) for the 2nd box down under DAD.  Then under TODDLER, write 3, then in the next box after, write in 3 steps x2, (doubling the number of steps taken), and keep on adding up.