1-10 just the answer not a really big explanation please

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:1) Isosceles triangle2) Right angled triangle3) Scalene triangle4) Equilateral triangle5) Right angled triangle6) Scalene triangle7) Equilateral triangle8) Scalene triangle9) a) Equilateral triangle9) b) Scalene triangle9) c) Β Isosceles triangle9) d) Right angled triangleNote: Right angled triangle - If one angle is right angle, then it is Right angled triangleIsosceles triangle: If two angles or two sides are equal, then it is Isosceles triangle.Scalene triangle: If all three sides or three angles have different measurement, then it is Scalene triangle.Equilateral triangle: If all the three sides are equal or all the three angles are equal, then it is Equilateral triangle