CHC Membership Info: $25/Semester per family. (+ $5/student – no matter how many classes they take. Non-students have no additional fees, and get to use the building as frequently as they like.)
All classes require a $10/Semester enrollment fee. CHC Members have this fee waived.
CHC Hours – M-Th 10a-3pm

Spring  Class Schedule: Click here to view CHC Calendar spring 2014 B&W in PDF, or click on the Calendar Tab.

Contact each teacher for costs and more info.

The CHC Hours for the Spring begin Jan 7.


Several Families have requested the Classes in “linear” format. So here it is! Not all classes are offered all semesters. Contact the teacher to request a  new class session.

Word in Season: Debbie Qualls: Mondays (John &Debbie <>)
Journalism: Kenny Fleming:  (<>)
IEW Writing Boy Class: Leslie Hicks: Wednesdays (<>)
Texas History: Kenny Fleming: : (

Research and SAT Writing: Michael McGinnis (

Other High School Credits:
Government: Kenny Fleming:  (<>)
Economics: Kenny Fleming:  (<>)
Computer: Rhema Linder: Wednesdays (<>)

Website Design: Joshua Kissee ( <> )
Speech: Suzanne Gose: Wednesdays (

Algebra 1: Sandra Moore: (<>)
Geometry: Sandra Moore: (<>)

Guitar: Steve Carr:  (<>)
Violin: Margrit Moores:  (<>)

Family Health: Nicole Fleming:  (<>)
Healthy Living: Melody Self:  (<>)

Chemistry: Margrit Moores: (<>)

Ballet: Natalie Criscione, Sylva Bricker: Tuesdays (<>)
Ballroom Dancing: Susan Quiring:  (<susan@SusansBallroomDance.

T-shirt Crafts: Melody Self:  (<>)
Multi-Media Art Classes: Mike Pinney: Wednesdays & Thursdays (<>)

American Sign Language: Laura Lee: Tuesdays (<>)
Spanish: Suzanne Gose: Wednesdays (
Spanish: Aubrey Hanson, Connor Armstrong, Julia Janis: Wednesdays (<>)

Entrepreneur Club: Wednesdays 10:15

 American Heritage Girls: Thursdays 6:30pm
Lego Club: First Fridays 10-2
Chess Tournaments: First Fridays 10-2
entrepreneur club flyer