Next up: Pool Party Aug 20

We’ll hope to see everyone at the Back to School Pool Party on Wednesday, Aug 20.

The party is hosted by the CHC, but all homeschoolers are of course welcome!

Entry is a suggested donation of $3/person. We’ll have some calendars and membership forms available for you there, so feel free to ask questions. Can’t wait to cool off with our last hurrah before we start a new year on September 3!

If you’re a facebook fan, you can see the event and share it by clicking on the little floating F and going to the Community Homeschool Center FB events.

Updated Fall Calendar!!

CHC Calendar Fall 2014

Here is the updated fall calendar, just in time for the Open House this Friday from 10-2. Hope to see you there!!!

CHC Calendar Fall 2014

Click here for a printable version:

CHC Calendar Fall 2014 BW

CHC Open House Aug 8

Hear ye, heaaaaaar ye!

The fall semester of the year 2014 will be here in exactly ONE blink!


Friday, August 8,
the CHC will have an open house for ALLLLLL classes, teachers, and groups convening there this year.
Regular hours are MWF 10:00-3:00 for the fall.

Regular hours begin Wednesday, September 3.

Check out the Fall 2014 calendar on the CHC website:

Black & White printable version:    CHC Calendar Fall 2014 BW


Then come and meet the teachers of all the fabulous classes, ask questions, sign up, and register for CHC membership for the fall.

For an up-to-the-minute schedule & calendar, info on what to expect at the open house, or how to get on the calendar, contact Lisa Lanning:

Enjoying the last bits of summer,
The CHC Board

Suzanne Gose
Jennie Smith
Lee Postma
Lisa Lanning
Leslie Hicks
Melissa Sulzer

B/CS Homeschool Expo Kid’s Club

ages 9 and under

Explore Space!
Investigate Insects!
Scrutinize Systems of the Human Body!
Ogle Oceans!

Two of four possible themes await your child in Kid’s Club, a structured and fun environment providing care and amusement while you are learning from seminars, visiting booths, and meeting other homeschoolers at the B/CS Homeschool Expo, June 27-28, 2014.

·       Care will be offered to children ages 9 and under

Children ages 4-9 will enjoy themed-related crafts, short educational videos or stories, and active games, such as LIFE-SIZED WAHOO!!  Children 3 and under will enjoy age-appropriate activities and care separate from the older children.

·       Cost per child: $10

Although the Expo is free to attend, Kid’s Club will be $10 per child to attend, with a family maximum of $25. A signed parental-waiver form, as well as a text-enabled cell phone, is also required for a child to participate in Kid’s Club.

In order to provide quality and consistent care, we ask that you use the preferred check-in and check-out times: between ten minutes before and after the hour. (i.e., 11:50-12:10)

·       Space/Time in Kid’s Club IS limited

Space is limited in Kid’s Club and individual children are limited to two consecutive hours of Kid’s Club each day. Reserve your child’s spot today! Email Reservation is not complete until you receive a confirmation email from this address.

*          Additional information: The Jeremy and Rachel Baker Family are organizing and staffing Kid’s Club at the B/CS Homeschool Expo 2014. Any money not spent on supplies and services related directly to Kid’s Club activities, will be used for a family missions-related trip later this summer. More information will be available at Kid’s Club check-in, if requested.

Time Management

One of the articles in our Expo Program  (June 27-28) includes advice on Time Management – here’s the pearls of wisdom that we KNOW will help us all!

“The Worst Thing About Homeschooling”

~~~~~ PART 2 ~~~~ by Glynda Bricker
Time Management is another challenge.  Let’s face it, there is not enough time to teach my children the way I think it should be done, prepare the lesson plans, answer all the questions, make sure the work is completed, correct it, take care of the little ones, clean the house, do the laundry, chauffer to all the extra curriculum activities, and have supper cooked and on the table when my husband gets home.  Pick two; that is about all I can manage in a day.  Yet we moms consistently believe we should be able to do all of these things plus 15 more and can’t understand why we are so overwhelmed while everybody else does it so well!  It is a lie.  Don’t believe it. Everyone is overwhelmed. O.K….there is probably a mom out there that can do all of that stuff and still have time to put make-up on; I just don’t happen to know her. I don’t have any pearls of wisdom for you here.  Homeschooling takes time, life takes time.  The more kids you have the more time it takes, if for no other reason than there are more arguments during the day that you have to go referee, taking time away from getting all that laundry done.
My suggestions:
Make a long-term priority list.
What is the most important thing that should happen this year?
What do you need to do every day to make that happen?
And then make sure that it happens.
Fit housework in where you can and be flexible.  You can put a load of laundry on and give a spelling test if your house is configured right!
Check out – She has great ideas on how to keep organized using only a short amount of time.
Delegate when possible – This can be chores, errands, helping a younger with their school questions – whatever works for your household.
Lower your standards – I know a wonderful mom who does not fold up her kids clothes.  She has them come get them and put them in their drawer – After all, we all know what their drawers look like…why fold them in the first place?
Looking back over this I see most of these have to do with keeping your house clean.  You see what I have a problem with!
So one more IMPORTANT suggestion:
Take time off to have fun with your kids.  Schedule it in – maybe one day every other week, whatever fits your schedule, and then put aside all school work, house work, and go do something completely different.  Go to the park.  Go to the movies.  Go take a walk through the woods.  Go do ministry.  Visit a retirement center.  Help someone clean their yard.  Whatever you want to help keep your head on straight and build relationships both with your kids and others.  The relationships are VERY IMPORTANT!

As one very wise mother told me when we were discussing the worst parts of homeschooling, “I can relate to all these things, but then I realize four of mine have graduated and are doing what they want to do*,  ”Whom He calls, He will equip.”  And that is what we need to remember when our fears are making us crazy.  God is in charge and He has promised to give us what we need to accomplish what He has called us to do.  Yes, we are responsible for teaching our children to love the Lord God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.  We are responsible for teaching them HOW to learn but we don’t need to teach them every single fact in the textbooks.   If we also happen to teach them how to ask questions, how to consider what they have learned and how to process all information through the Word of God…then that is a good thing too.  But God is the one in charge, and He will make sure they know, or they can learn, everything they will need for this life.

*Her oldest graduated from A&M and has worked in Houston ISD with Special Education.  He will probably be getting his teaching cert. in math although he loves art and music.  Her 2nd graduated from Southwestern Univ. with an anthropology major.  After his girlfriend completes her masters they are planning on getting married and moving overseas.  3rd is getting a sports ministry degree and in Mexico this summer coaching basketball, her 4th is getting an Elementary Educ. Degree.


2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline (also translated sound-mindedness).  This is a great verse for a home school mom to memorize.  We are on a long, sometimes scary, path and we cannot be timid (those kids would walk all over us!).  God has provided us with access to His power (Acts 14:26-27), He has shown us on how to love (1 John 3:16) and told us to be self-disciplined (1 Peter 5:8) as well as showing us the rewards of having a sound-mind (Prov. 24: 3-4).  Through His Word, God has given us encouragement and direction to all things that will come up during our home schooling journey.