NEW HOURS for Oct-Dec: Wednesdays & Fridays 10-3


We have had a WONDERFUL September at the CHC, and the eClub expresses their gratitude to the community for coming out to First Friday for their Fabulous Fall Sale. With almost a dozen businesses, the opportunities to support these young entrepreneurs were simply abounding. Thank you!

As always, the CHC strives to remain supportive of the Community, in whatever way that is. We are run FOR homeschoolers, BY homeschoolers, and fund the necessary facility insurance, manager’s salary, facility rent and utility costs in various ways. One of those ways is via room rent. Your awesome teachers pay for their room rent, and you pay for their awesome classes.

Since we still do not have any classes meeting on Thursdays, we’ll not be open on Thursdays for the months of October, November and December. If you were “JUST THINKING” about starting up a Thursday class, let us know! The calendar for Wednesday and Friday is SO very full, we just need two classes to remain open on a Thursday.

In order to get a class going, reply to this email, or contact our Teacher Liaison & Scheduling Chair, Lisa Lanning: (

Thank you again for support. We’re so blessed to be able to help new homeschoolers, and be a safe haven for your students to enjoy one another in all their talents.

Suzanne Gose
CHC Communications & PR Chair

NEW HOURS for Oct-Dec: Wednesdays & Friday 10-3

October First Friday


We are very excited to have our first First Friday of the 2015 school year. (Next week – it’s October! …Wha…???)

Free for CHC Members, just $3/family for non-members. Pay at the Counter at the back of the snack area.
We also have a snack bar of concessions to enjoy, and we always bring a lunch for more fun. (Or purchase from the eClub businesses!)

On Friday, October 2, we’ll have a full schedule for you to enjoy, in addition to the regular Friday classes.

Regular Classes include Preschool Alphabet Club, Elementary Science, Elem. Geography, Mommy and Me, and Body & Soul Exercise)
Time: 10am-2pm

10:00   Arrival and begin Lego Building for Lego Contest

eClub’s Fabulous Fall Sale!
(Current young businesses include: Thingamajigs,
Buck’s Bakery, Never Felt Better, Holy Gifts and Sweets,
Liesel’s Lollipops, Home Made Candies, Audie’s Brownies, and more!)

11:00-11:45am Homeschooling 101 Seminar – ALL are welcome.
Invite your newbie homeschooling friends to attend, and come yourself –
We’re all always learning, and your addition to the class will encourage new schoolers.

11:45 am Lego Contest Judging

12-12:30 Lunch Break, and Career Hour – Listen and ask questions as a homeschool dad describe his career, the path that got him there, and what his daily schedule looks like. This month: BEING A MECHANICAL DESIGNER

12:30 – 2:00 Free play with board games and chess lessons.

1:00 eClub’s Fabulous Fall Sale ends

3:00pm CHC Closes

***Oh! And don’t forget our First Friday swap table. Donate what you want, take what you want, it’s all free curriculum (donations are accepted, but NOT expected!)***

Re-Org & Current Calendar

All right! Check out the ABOUT page, and look at the new round table design we have for the Board. It’s VERY exciting! (It’s the way we’ve been running the CHC for a while now, but now it’s OFFICIAL.) We’re very excited about the changes, and we’d also love to add more classes and services to Thursdays. SO. Come on Community! Fill-up those classrooms! If you have a class, and you don’t see it on the calendar, then it’s not official yet. Contact Lisa Lanning, or message us on the Facebook page, and let’s kick this year off on Wednesday.

The calendar is ALSO up and ready for viewing.



FUNgineering is excited to announce a new STEM based opportunity for the homeschool community this Fall.

Starting the first week of September, FUNgineering will begin offering a variety of STEM classes for kids ages 6-14.

Classes will run during five-week minimesters throughout the Fall and Spring. Each class meets once a week for an hour and half per session. Class times are available throughout the day, with start times of 10:30am, 1:30pm, and 4:30pm.

Friday Field Trips focused on demonstrations and interactive activities will also be offered for larger groups, with a morning session (10AM-12PM) and afternoon option (1PM-3PM).

CHC Members Get $5 off your first class! Just show them your ID card.

Fall 2015 / Spring 2016 Classes

~Creative Engineering: The best class for young engineers! Using LEGO® education sets, kids work together and with instructors to learn how to build basic machines. Alongside building windmills, Ferris wheels, cars, pneumatic machines and programming sound and motion for alligators and lions, they also experiment with physics by racing their own cars.

~Science of Minecraft: We take the physics, programming, and world science of the sandbox game Minecraft to teach kids the concepts behind electrical engineering, basic physics, earth science and interactive group planning. As well, kids gain a familiarity with computer literacy. Player-versus-Player is prohibited during classes.

~Robotics: From basic collision detection to walking, students work together to both program and construct their own robots. Classes are designed to instruct beginners in basic robotics and work upward toward competitive robotics building.

~Learning to Program: Using software developed by MIT (Scratch), we teach the structure and functions behind any programming language using games and animation. As students progress through our programming curriculum, they learn other coding languages, including JavaScript, HTML, and Python.

~3-D Printing: Kids explore 3-D modeling and interfaces and learn about the process of 3-D printing. After learning different building tools and troubleshooting their models, students get to print an object of their own design!


September 2 is Opening day!


The facility is open from 10am – 3pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Sign up for membership, and receive your Teacher ID on the first day you come to the CHC.

Our members love using the space for club meetings, curriculum swap, playdates, schooling their children, and just hanging out while classes are going on.

We have room for more classes on Thursdays – if you’ve been considering teaching — contact us!

Stay tuned. The most current calendar will be uploaded SOON!